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SIEM A Guide to Security Information and Event Management - SIEM

SOC Security Operations Center - SOC with Splunk & FortiSIEM

Splunk Enterprise Security A Hands-On Guide to Splunk Enterprise Security

Python & R Programming Learn the two most widely used programming languages with Data Science: Python and R

Binomial, Normal Distribution, Matrices for Data Science Building on the Foundation: Binomial & Normal Distribution, CRISP DM, Anova, Matrices, Coordinate Geometry

Machine Learning | Natural Language Processing | Streamlit With A Strong Foundation in ML & NLP, Build an NLP Web Application and host it!

Machine Learning & Generative AI for CXOs & Sr. Managers Assess maturity for AI readiness | Demystify Artificial Intelligence | 8 Case Studies | Google's No Code Auto ML

Internet of Things with Python Programming Learn foundation python programming and work on various experiments using Arduino Uno & Raspberry Pi

Corporate L&D - Onboarding Strategies & Learning Insights! Execute an Onboarding Strategy & Implement Strategic Learning Insights!

Corporate Learning and Development Partnering with Business Be an effective Learning Business Partner & Drive highly contextualized learning interventions

Microlearning, Metaverse, Avatar-Based Learning & LXP's Emerging Models on Learning Sciences, Evidence-Informed Practice, Learning Experience Platforms, Metaverse & Curiosity!

Recovering from being laid off Understand the emotional & psychological aspects of a lay off. Build resilience & learn optimal job search strategies

Curiosity and
Lifelong Learning
Learn to be Curious

We cover Curiosity in three themes:

1) Curious Learner: We focus on the skills of the curious learner here

2) Curious Leader: We cover why Curiosity is a paramount attribute for leaders today and what does it mean to be a curious leader

3) Creating a Culture of curiosity : We cover why continuous learning is core to enabling a culture of curiosity and how role-modelling is the most powerful enabler of cultural change

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