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A New Learning Model: Capabilities Academy

Back in 2002 at HSBC, we had something called a CTS Academy, where employees who had just been trained for weeks would spend considerable time buddying, sharpening their skills, and learning directly from Subject matter experts before going live into production. In this context, it was great to read and learn insights from Josh Bersin on his new learning model coined as "Capabilities Academy".


A learning experience platform (LXP) provides a single point of access for all learning — both formal and informal. Formal learning resources, like online courses and internal training created on an LMS, are tracked and measured from the same platform as informal learning resources, like articles, videos, podcasts, and ebooks.


One of the most difficult challenges in my career in corporate learning and development was and still is the topic of measurement. How do I measure the effectiveness and efficiency of training? How can I obtain consistent information about the training programs to help tune and optimize the organization? How do I analyze and report the business value of training to the organization? How do I monitor the alignment and contribution to overall business goals?

discovering your youniqueness

Personal Branding is not about building a special image for the outside world; it is about understanding what is truly unique about YOU - your strengths, skills, values &passions - & using that to differentiate yourself. Through unearthing the true you & consistently & constantly living your Brand, you attract what you need to achieve your goals without having to "wrestle with the universe" to acquire it. Understand, build, & communicate the unique Brand that is YOU.


Learning Leaders: Ignore Metaverse at your peril! Be aware of the enormous work that is happening around Metaverse.

LXP Market Update: Degreed acquires Learn In

With this acquisition Degreed has given a big push to its 'Capability Academy' approach. The academy based learning strategy will ensure participants take on new projects, new roles, developmental assignments and will be assessed by peers to build new careers.

learning and development thought leaders

Josh is an industry analyst, researcher, educator, and technology analyst covering all aspects of corporate HR, training, talent management, recruiting, leadership, and workplace technology.

He was the founder of Bersin & Associates, which is now known as Bersin by Deloitte. He’s a keynote speaker and advises HR teams and vendors in the HR space, and also serves as an educator, thought leader, and personal coach to HR and business leaders around the world.

His professional goal is to make work life better around the world by helping HR professionals and teams learn, stay informed, and develop deep expertise on world-leading practices that help their companies.

He spends his time studying the world of work, HR, and all aspects of workplace technology. He advises vendors and large corporations on their products, HR and leadership strategies, and workplace technology solutions. And He is the Dean of the Josh Bersin Academy.

Anand Pillai is a seasoned business leader with over four decades of experience in various leadership roles in multinational corporations, including Reliance Industries ( Sr Executive VP), HCL Technologies ( Global Head Talent and Business Transformation), and TATA Group. He is widely regarded as a management expert and author who has made significant contributions to the fields of leadership, organizational transformation, and innovation. Anand’s extensive experience in coaching and training C-level executives, and senior and middle managers across various sectors has earned him a reputation as a leading expert in leadership coaching and organizational transformation. His expertise in leadership, innovation, and organizational development has earned him a reputation as a thought leader and change agent.

As the Managing Director of Leadership Matters Inc., Anand is committed to helping organizations build strong leadership capabilities and drive transformative change.