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There are lot of successful use-cases over the last 6.5 years of our training operations, we will share these shortly as a blog.

We believe everyone needs a Mentor and Mentor’s always work 1-1 and not in a group hence recommend our My Mentor Program to senior professionals who are looking to navigate & move up in their career path.

With our Corporate clients we do volume training ie train their staff with the help of our tailored Technical and/or Leadership learning programs.

With Professionals we only do 1-1 mentoring, since its most effective and highly satisfying work for both parties, it pays premium too.

With Students and Professionals who are looking out for Jobs and new roles we recommend to have a look at our Digital Learning Courses. Firstly they are not too costly on the pocket, using their pocket money a student can buy our course for less than INR 500.

For those who have been laid off, we offer mentoring services, to help them transition to new roles and guide them with insights that will take away the pain.

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We are open 24/7 to discuss any learning needs of your organization or yourself. I meant figuratively, but we will respond quickly to your queries.