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Gloat raises $90 million Series D, readying businesses for today’s reality of work. The world’s largest employers leverage Gloat’s Workforce Agility platform to outmaneuver an unpredictable market.


A learning experience platform (LXP) provides a single point of access for all learning — both formal and informal. Formal learning resources, like online courses and internal training created on an LMS, are tracked and measured from the same platform as informal learning resources, like articles, videos, podcasts, and ebooks.


One of the most difficult challenges in my career in corporate learning and development was and still is the topic of measurement. How do I measure the effectiveness and efficiency of training? How can I obtain consistent information about the training programs to help tune and optimize the organization? How do I analyze and report the business value of training to the organization? How do I monitor the alignment and contribution to overall business goals?


As a Learning Leader, I keep an eye on how different corporates use Learning strategies & Innovations to ensure respective team members learn and perform optimally.


Learning Leaders: Ignore Metaverse at your peril! Be aware of the enormous work that is happening around Metaverse.

LXP Market Update: Degreed acquires Learn In

With this acquisition Degreed has given a big push to its 'Capability Academy' approach. The academy based learning strategy will ensure participants take on new projects, new roles, developmental assignments and will be assessed by peers to build new careers.

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For more than two decades, Will has been one of the leaders of the research-to-practice movement in the learning-and-development field. Will is a leading learning-evaluation innovator, having developed LTEM (the Learning-Transfer Evaluation Model) and the Performance-Focused Learner Survey methodology.

Julie Dirksen is a leading expert in instructional design, elearning, and behavior change. She’s a frequent speaker at industry events, the author of one of the bestselling books on instructional design, and an Elearning Guild Guildmaster.