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Our participants say

The faculty is a knowledgeable instructor and provided valuable information with engaging delivery. He set clear expectations and helped with practice activities.
Victor Chijioke Simon
The resource links shared are very useful - the 2 PDF books and the hands-on demo on Maltego helped me get started in using the tool on my own.
Sankalp Arora
This is an interesting course and perfect for beginners.
Jelili Odunayo Kazeem
This has laid foundation to my learning on Cyber Security, the faculty has a great way of explaining new concepts with ease, he gives lot of real-time examples which makes it simple for anyone to understand. Highly recommend for those who want an insight into cyber security and ethical hacking.
Faheem Ansari

The absolute beginners guide to cyber security & hacking: CYB

In this course you learn fundamental concepts such as Basic Network, CIA Triad, Network concepts, Security Operations Center and Job Roles.

The absolute beginners guide to cyber security - part 2: CYB2

You will learn the different components of Hacking: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining access, Maintaining access & Clearing tracks. You will have a firm understanding of places of hacking and mind map apart from gaining insights on denial of service, distributed denial of service, syn flooding attach using hping3, counter measures and Metasploit test.

The absolute beginners guide to cyber security - Part 1: CYB1

In this course you will learn the OSI Model, various mnemonics, protocol data units etc. You will go through the various layers in detail with real time examples and caselets. You will also learn the TCP/IP protocol suite, range of IPv4 & IPv6 and domain name system hierarchy.

The absolute beginners guide to cyber security - part 3: CYB3

You will go through a demo of the maltego community edition 4.2.4, you will gain insights on cyber kill chain methodology and how a traditional kill chain model works: recon,weaponize, deliver, exploit, install, c2, actions. You will build your capability in information security attack vectors, phishing techniques, whaling and phishing mitigation. You will understand the types of ransom-wares, how crypto ransomware works, you will go through a real world example of a ransomware attack on the Bristol airport screens. You will understand the various mitigation strategies, phishing & firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems. You will gain knowledge on zero-day exploit, malware and its types, man in the middle (mitm) attack and web application security.

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