A Hands-On Guide to Splunk Enterprise Security

You will understand Splunk’s user interface -UI. You will be able to navigate UI features on your own: Navigating Splunk web: Splunk home, Splunk bar, Splunk web, getting date into Splunk, how to specify data inputs, where Splunk stores data, getting tutorial data into Splunk, using Splunk search, search actions, and modes, search results tools, events, what are fields, extracted fields, find and select fields, run more targeted searches, use the search language, learn with search assistant.

You can start using the Splunk’s basic transforming commands, can create reports and dashboards, you will know how to save and share reports and also can create alerts after completing these sections.

Hands-on practical videos on Enterprise Splunk Security: ES1, ES2, ES3 & ES4 will help you master Splunk!

Course Instructor

Sai Acuity Sai Acuity Author

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