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Recovering from being laid off


Ravi shared insights from his own experience, this is a fantastic course and looking forward to learn more from his experience. Thanks Udemy for hosting this – Sai Chaitanya

Having a positive & strong mindset helps cope a layoff. I have personally observed how some of my colleagues were able to quickly navigate & move on to other corporate’s, freelancing projects or pursued a passion.

A lay off is an excellent opportunity to sit back, reskill, re-strategize, look at alternate roles, reconnect with long lost friends/relatives and literally come out with a refreshed attitude to take on new challenges.

I welcome you to walk alongside with me on this path, understand & execute the tricks of the trade & flourish in your life!

Extending a warm welcome again to this course – Lets Begin!

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Understand the emotional & psychological aspects of a lay off.
Execute an Onboarding Strategy & Implement Strategic Learning Insights!

Corporate L&D - Onboarding Strategies & Learning Insights!


It’s interesting and schematic explained ~ Olga Binzari

It was truly inspiring to learn from an L&D expert! ~ Chhavi Gupta

Great Course. Lots of beneficial information ~ Mohamad Elbekai

One of the best courses in Learning & Development. I was doing three courses parallelly and I feel so good to see such an Awesome Course created by Mr. Ravikanth. Please create more courses on L&D. I have been greatly benefitted by this Course. ~ Deepthi Mulgaonkar

Good insights. ~Kaushik Roy

A Guide to SIEM & SOC with Splunk, FortiSIEM & InterviewPrep


Good content delivered by very knowledgeable individual  Sifiso

Excellent course for the professionals who want to enter/know SIEM or to improve their existing skill set.. Lecturer is a real time professional who has in-depth knowledge of what he is teaching and making sure that it reaches to listeners… Also for the guys who want to learn Splunk  Ram

This course lays the foundation for SIEM, the instructor is a working professional and gave real time examples which made it easier to understand. Expecting more sections to be added, Highly recommend to Beginners!  Souha Djim

It has in-depth knowledge of Splunk and is very insightful  Megha Sahai

One of the Best Mehedi Hasan

Yes.I got a very good understanding of SIEM and way to go further. Thanks Udemy for this wonderful course. WIll subscribe to new courses in future as and when my need increases.  Chandrasekaran Lakshmanan

Gain hands-on Tool insights using Splunk Enterprise & Fortinet FortiSIEM. Interview preparation case study, hints & tips

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